Water Heater


STM-W series water heaters have both standard and high temperature models،which are used to heat up the mould and maintain temperature,also they can be used in other similar applications.High temperature water from the mould is returned to the cooling tank and cooled by either indirect cooling(For high temperature plus pressure models) or direct cooling (For standard models).It is then pressurised by the high-pressure pump,sent to the heating tank and finally to the mould with a constant temperature.The newly applied tempera-ture controller can maintain an accurary of 0.5C.


  • Controller adopt 3.2" LCD for easy operation.
  • Equipped with the design of 7 day automatic start/stop timer.
  • P.I.D multi-stage temperature control system can maintain a mould temperature with an accurary of 0.5C
  • Adopts high efficiency water cycle pump
  • Multiple safety device including power reverse phase protection

Accessory Option

  • Water manifolds and Teflon hose are optional.
  • STM-W can opt for function of pump reversion evacuation.
  • All models can opt for magnetic pump except for STM-3650W series.

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