Venus Series P


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Zhafir Venus Packaging Series (VE PAckaging Series for short), the all electric injection molding machine is specifically used to manufacture the precise and fast packaging products.It integrates the most advanced control technology and abundant pacjing molding experiece.

It can be brodly used for the packing product area such as drinking cup, yogurt cup, ice-cream boxes, lunch boxes, bowels,fresh-keeping box, knife, bottle cap, mobile phone battery box, CD box, memory card, medical packaging and so on.

VE Packaging Series can meet all the requirements of customers for stability, efficiency and environmental protection to th bigest extent.It can not only cut down the weight of the products,reduce the volume and energy consumption.but also can enhance teh passing rate, shorten teh cycle time and improve the passing clean ranking,as a result it provides teh maximum of profit to customers.

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