Sound-proof Central Granulator SG-3650


SG-23/30/36 series sound-proof central granulators are suitable for centralized recycling of wastes or rejected parts from injection molding,blow molding or extrusion lines.The machines feature optimized structure,easy operation,and quick blades replacement.


  • SG-23 series adopts staggered blades, SG-30 and SG-36 series adopts paddle blades.
  • Staggered blades design can decentralize working load when granulating to increas cutting efficiency,blade retainer is designed for quick blade replacement without readjustment.
  • Paddle blades design allows increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Accessory option

  • For granulating fiber reinforced material,increase fiber reinforced granulator model for choose.Adopt surface-hardening treatment on the material contacting components.SG-30 and SG-36 fiber reinforced model blade material used V-4E joint with S50C.
  • Dust separator,full-receiver alarm device and special screens.