About Haitian Driver

Ningbo Hiatian Aras Drive Systems Co., Ltd. is one of the five pillar industries of Haitian Aras Group.Relying on the advantages of Haitian Aras Group platform, Haitian Aras Drive has grown to be t5he leading manufacturer in the fields of servo control system (servo manipulator and peripheral automation,( servo manipulator and peripheral automation, robot automtion, clamping system, functional components), new energy (electric forklift) and hydraulic transmission ( hydraulic motor , hydraulic pump and hydraulic components).

Haitian Aras drive: Innovatin Frives Future

Hatian Aras Drive put forward the "Innovation Drives Future" as the company philosophy in the very begining based on the management of haitian Aras Group. We improve the product quality and try to perfect the technical service by continuous innovation with the aim of enhancing the overall competitiveness in the market.  We firmly belive that products with superior quality can win more customers whose competitiveness will be enhanced in the meantime.

1- Improve the before - sales service

To provide you the selection in advance, automatic solutions, advince on factory workshops adjustment.

2- 24 hours service

Register and provide door to door after- sales service within 24 hours after receiving notice.

3- lifelong maintenance

lifelong maintenance is guaranteed with one year free of charge, and provide professional product recommendation and maintenance services with high speed.

4- Systematic training

Provide free installation and commissioning for new machine, and systematic training for operation, maintennance and fixture instruction.

5- Regular return visit

Establish CRM management system for each device including file management, and do regular return visit to provide professional guidance and considerate service.

6- Equipment upgrade

Provide systematic service for upgrading hardware and software to extend the service life of equipment.

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