Multi Station Hopper Loader


"One-to-Two or One-to-Four" Separate hopper loaders are designed and developed on the basis of original European separate-vacuum hopper Loaders. They feature more functions, easy to operate, and convenient to install. This model, equipped with a high pressure blower and four SHR-U-S type European central vacuum hoppers, is applicable to four dehumidifying and drying machines (dehumidifying dryer "SDD") or one gravimetric blender "SGB" to process plastic materials. Besides that , it can also realize the "One-to-Two or One-to-Four" way of conveying materials to different molding machines or hoppers to greatly lower the cost.


  • "One-to-Two or One-to-Four" hopper loader can greatly lower the cost.
  •  ِDust collective chamber features a cyclone separator and a dust collective bin to effectively reduce the load of the filter.
  • Separate hopper receivers are designed in European style.
  • Separate dust collector is convenient for dust cleaning.
  • Main unit equips with faults and motor overload indicators to show faults fast.
  • The main body of SAL-2HP~5HP equips with vacuum-breaking valve and SAL-7.5HP~10HP main body equips with vacuum valve to rotect the blower.
  • Standardly equipped with alarm lamp 
  • CE safety plug ensures safe and reliable operation.

Accessory Option

  • SCH-6U/12U/24U storage hoppers with Standard and Insulated type are available as options, which can be installed on reed switch storage hopper and also on IMM directly.
  • In the case of much impurity or recycled materials included in raw materials, main unit can be equipped with air accumulator auto washing unit as options, and add "A" at the model behind. (Suitable for SAL-3.5HP-UG and models above, except for SAL-UGP series.).
  • Optionally provide multi-functional installation frame HMB-900 with 900 mm largest dia. adjusting range for selection.
  • Buzzer available as an option.