Mars II/h

Higher Performance Injection Molding Machine

Haitian is dedicated is providing customers with new technology to improve the production of their plastic parts. Our close cooperation with customers provide a better understand for the challenges facing the injection molding industry.

The MA II/h series machine has a higher performance compared to the traditional standard injection molding machine. Designed to provide a faster injection speed and reduced cycle times, the MA II/h series machine give a wider processing window for the production of parts.

The MA II/h series machine has proved extremely successful in the production of thin-wall and multicavity products.The machine is very versatile and is also used for standard products which require addittional mo0lding performance.

We Create Advantage

Higher process control: Broader process window

With a higher injection speed and faster control response time, the molding process window is increased for parts requiring a higher level of molding performance.

Stronger mechanical structure

The total structure of the machine is 30% higher than standard traditional injection molding machine .Designed to ensure the MA II/h is fit for the deamands of a higher performance machine.

Increased productivity

The higher performance of the MA II/h series machine brings additional production benefit due to the reduced cycle time and improved injection process control.

Extermely economical: Lower cost

The MA II/h series machine utilizes our patented servo hydraulic drive technology.Compared to traditional hydraulic systems which use fixed speed motors and accumulators to achieve a higher machine performance.The Ma II/h machine provides a machine in the market.

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