Aras Machine Co., established in 1979 and from the beginning we have started to study and research and produce different type of Industrial  Machineries. We have  considered on production of Injection Molding M/C from 1985. We have always tried our best and most to satisfy our end user customers in all aspect and fields and due to approach  this important point  we have applied for our ISO 9001 from few years ago and to reach and approach to this level of standard we have to do some hard basic job as below:

*Continuous training of personals  to found  the culture of  quality control, to increase the technology, to increase the productivity and to increase the quality of final products.All jobs and all production  procedure must be controlled from the beginning to the end just according to the scheduled plan. Continuous and endless hard cordially efforts ruled by all personals  to achieve all production activities in the best and most correct manner.