Aras Machine Co. was founded by Avedian brothers in 1979. The company initially manufactured different types of industrial machines and equipments but this changed in 1985 when the directing board decided to focus on manufacturing plastic injection machines. Shortly thereafter ARAS Machine became one of the major players of this field and sought to continually fulfill the ever increasing market demand for IMM technology by manufacturing premium and high quality machines.

Here in our company we continuously emphasize on 2 main subjects:

-Training skilled staff with high sense of responsibility to keep up the good work

-Exploring up to date methods, solutions & optimization techniques beside step by step quality control of all the factors involved in the manufacturing process to achieve the highest level of quality

Throughout these years our contribution to the plastic industry has brought us many achievements, of which we can mention a few as following:

-Taking the 2nd place at the 1998 Pan Armenian Trade Show

-The first Asian exporter of plastic injection machines to south American countries by 1999

-Taking the 1st place at the 24th Tehran International Trade fair (1999)

-Taking the 1st place at the International Plastic and Rubber Machineries, Equipments and Industries Exhibition of Iran, held in the city of Tabriz (2000)

The first ever Iranian IMM manufacturing company obtaining ISO 9001 standard certificate issued by BVQI (2000)

ARAS Machine Co. is well known for having over 30 years of experience in manufacturing injection molding machines. Our company is committed to customer service and look at it as a mirror to reflect our achievements.

We will continue to develop sophisticated machines and solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and our goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity of your production plant/facility by simplifying the manufacturing process through our innovative and modern injection molding machines.